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    The labor race begins...

    Tuesday, September 07, 2010

    We are 18 days away from our due date (9/25) and some of you need to get your picks in for the Great Labor Debate II! Don't forget to leave a comment with your date - before it is too late!

    Great Aunt Marianne: 9/15

    Grandpa Ed: 9/16
    Grandma Chris: 9/17
    Uncle Andy: 9/18 (early am)
    Rae: 9/18
    Aunt Jennifer: 9/19
    Jessica (Mommy): 9/20
    Erin: 9/21
    Aunt Jen: 9/22
    Jamie: 9/23
    Uncle Dan: 9/24
    Great Aunt Monica: 9/25
    Grandpa Bert: 9/26
    Kristen: 9/26
    Mike (Daddy): 9/28
    Aunt Katie: 9/28 (her birthday!)
    Stephanie: 9/29
    Grandma Cindy: 9/30
    Great Aunt Agnes: 10/1

    5 Responses to “The labor race begins...”

    fancy spatula said...

    If I get the date right, do I get to keep her?

    Unknown said...

    Hmmm...that all depends. Let me see how bad those diapers are and I'll let ya know! ;-)

    Unknown said...

    I am guessing 9/24

    Ed and Chris said...

    I think Buttercup will come to us on 9/16. Grandpa Ed

    Ed and Chris said...

    I'd like another shot at this - let's try 10/2...