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    The Great Labor Debate II

    Thursday, July 01, 2010

    We are now taking bets in the Great Labor Debate (aka when Jessica has the baby). Please leave your bet in the comments on this entry. If you're reading via Facebook, you'll have to visit http://myfamilieschmitt.blogspot.com to comment.

    Please leave the following information to enter the "contest:"
    Predicted birth date:

    Jessica's due date is September 25th.

    Good Luck!!

    updated to include everyone's predictions...
    Jessica (Mommy): 9/20
    Marianne: 9/15
    Mike (Daddy): 9/28
    Jen: 9/22
    Stephanie: 9/29
    Grandma Chris: 9/17
    Kristen: 9/26
    Jamie: 9/23
    Andy: 9/18 (early am)
    Katie: 9/28 (her birthday!)

    13 Responses to “The Great Labor Debate II”

    Unknown said...

    Name: Jessica
    Predicted birth date: 6/20 (I'm being optimistic)

    Marianne Archelaus said...

    I'm hoping for September 15th. That is my new birthday. A baby saved my life and I'm hoping I will share your baby's birthday. Please save your cord. It may save someone's life someday.

    Unknown said...

    Aaand I'm an idiot. I meant 9/20, of course. Lord knows I am not interested in being pregnant until June 2011! Haha.

    Mike said...

    I'm forecasting a palindrome of 10/20/2010 (ok not really) - 9/28/2010

    Unknown said...

    Katie will like that prediction, Mike! Or maybe she won't. Haha.

    It would be convenient if both kids were born on the 27th though, I hadn't thought of that!

    Schmitt Family said...

    9/22- Would be an easy one for me to remember since it's my anniversary as well!

    Stephanie said...

    I'm going to go with September 29th. It was a toss up between that and the 26th but people born on 29ths become excellent children :)

    Ed and Chris said...
    This comment has been removed by the author.
    Ed and Chris said...

    (I deleted the previous comment, I changed my mind) I would love the 10th (and I'm pretty sure Jessica would too) but thats kinda early...I say 9/17.

    TripleChocolateCake said...

    Although, hopefully earlier, really. But not TOO early....

    TripleChocolateCake said...

    Jamie's bet is September 23rd! He's a little nicer than I am... :)

    AJ said...

    Uncle Andy Says 9/18
    EARLY in the morning

    Katie said...

    Hmmm...I will go with September 28th...it's a good day! : ) Heehee!!