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    Rotary Lights

    Monday, December 21, 2009

    Heavenly Choir

    La Crosse Rotary Holiday Lights

    Benjamin and the cute snowman

    Every year in La Crosse, Wisconsin, there is a holiday lights display down at Riverside Park put on by the Rotary Club. Mike and I have been including this event in our holiday traditions for probably about 12 years. We only missed the event when Benjamin was too tiny to enjoy it or when our holiday season was too busy to have a spare weekend to drive down. La Crosse is also one of our favorite cities, so we make a point to spend the whole day doing the things we love there: visiting the Co-Op, eating at Buzzard Billy's, and going to the candy store. We had a fabulous time there this Saturday and though the drive through line for the holiday lights was too long to endure, the weather was nice enough for us to stroll among the lights by foot. It was magical.

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    Julie said...

    Hi Mike,
    Thanks for the suggestion for what to do with my running bibs:)