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    Kid's Day

    Tuesday, November 17, 2009

    It was our plan to take this past Friday and use it to visit the Macy's Auditorium holiday display in Minneapolis as part of our annual tradition with Joe, Jen and the boys. However, Macy's decided to begin the display later in the month and also have the same display as last year, so we couldn't/didn't want to go. Benjamin already had the day off of school, so Mike too the day off of work and we made a kid's day out of it. We met Joe, Jen and the boys at the Minnesota Children's Museum where the kids spent hours exploring. It was fun to give them some freedom to run around in a kid-friendly atmosphere for a while and they had a great time. After they were sufficiently worn out, we took them out to lunch at the Java Train Cafe. The cafe had some great food and a really neat indoor train play area for the kids. We spent the rest of the weekend with Joe, Jen and the kids. I think Benjamin was able to get a good amount of cousin-time in. They all had a great time playing together and we all had a great time watching them play.