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    Wednesday, October 21, 2009

    Benjamin sure was a popular guy this past week! Grandma Chris and Grandpa Ed drove down Thursday evening to take Benjamin out to a movie and dinner. They wanted to spend some time with him and treat him to a movie he wanted to see, which they all seemed to enjoy very much! You can read more about their adventure here. Mike and I took the rare opportunity to dine alone that night at our favorite local sushi restaurant. Almost immediately after Mom and Dad called to see if they could take Benjamin out, his Uncle Andy asked if he could take the little man up to his house for a night. How did we get so lucky?! Andy came down late on Thursday after work and stayed overnight so he could be up with Benjamin bright and early to start their time together. They had a blast going to the Science Museum, a park and doing many other fun things. Andy wrote about it in his blog, here.

    While Benjamin was off having a grand old time, Mike and I enjoyed the quiet house, Mike went on a run with some friends, I worked at the Women's Expo and we got the house ready for an influx of women. All three of our sisters-in-law drove down Saturday evening for our traditional dinner outing, this time for Katie's birthday. We went to Sontes, which is one of my favorites here in town. The food was very VERY good and the company was the BEST! I think everyone had a good time and I hope they think about coming back down here sometime soon because it was great!

    Sunday was a day of relaxing for all of us after such a busy weekend. Jen stayed overnight after our girls dinner, so we got to have her with us for breakfast and part of the morning. After she headed home, I mowed the lawn and did some grocery shopping while Mike watched the Packers "play" against the Lions. It was our week to buy the grocery supplies for Benjamin's classroom and we successfully picked up the cheese blocks, chicken in a biscuit crackers and everything else on the list. It felt good to contribute! Speaking of school, Benjamin has school pictures today. Hopefully the photos turn out well so we can get copies to those of you who have been begging me for pictures of him! ;-)