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    Things we learned along the way...

    Wednesday, August 19, 2009

    • While revitalizing the country, road construction is still a big pain in the butt, no matter what state you're in.

    • Runzas, though a Nebraska staple, are disgusting.

    • Markers do not make for good coloring tools on a road trip unless you're trying to decorate the inside of your car.

    • When you drive up to a dodgy restaurant and you think, "it could be okay, let's try it" - it is probably NOT okay.

    • Even at 75 mph, it still takes forever to drive across Nebraska.

    • There are a lot of "slug/punchbugs" in Colorado. 4-year-olds will notice all of them.

    • There is no need to plan to spend more than 20 minutes at Wall Drug.

    • Small, simple, free and local sights are just as special as BIG, expensive and far away "attractions."

    • Sometimes the maid will steal one of your bagels.

    • Don't forget about timezone changes when planning how long a drive will take.

    • No matter how many times you say it, POUDRE (pronounced Poo-der) is FUNNY!

    • Beef: It's what's for dinner...in South Dakota, Wyoming, Colorado, Nebraska and Iowa.

    • You can make every great photo op better by placing a smiling 4 year old in it.

    • Just when you think you've driven a long way, you see a car from a state that is thousands of miles further away from home than you.

    • There is no sense in turning the radio on in South Dakota, Wyoming Nebraska, or Iowa. That is, unless you like country or Christian stations.

    • 4-year-olds CAN endure 10 hour drives.

    • Parents CAN endure 10 hour drives with 4-year-olds.