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    I'm behind, I know.

    Monday, July 20, 2009

    I had totally planned to write up a post that summarized my trip to Hawaii and the boys' time at home last week, but I just never got around to it. Now it has been so long since I returned that I am not sure I feel like getting into the nitty gritty about the whole trip. Some of the highlights included many many tropical drinks, swimming at Waikiki Beach (where our resort was), a drive up the North Shore of the island with cousins Roland and Cicely and of course, Kelly and Mike's beautiful wedding. Getting married on a beach in Hawaii certainly has its benefits - the sunset behind the ceremony was stunning, also the food was outstanding (definitely some of the best wedding food I've ever had). Mom and I had a lot of fun on the trip, but by the end we were ready to come home to see our dudes.

    While we were away, Mike and Benjamin kept very busy by fishing with Grandpa Ed, playing with friends and attending the only All Comers Track Meet that we made it to this summer. Though they had some great bonding time, I think they were also happy to have me home again when I got back. The next week flew by for all of us. This weekend we hosted our Sister-in-law/Aunt Jen and the two of us attended the new Harry Potter movie, which was AWESOME! She was also able to stay for a while on Sunday afternoon too, which was so fun. Benjamin was SO happy to have her all to himself, which has never happened before, so it was a big treat! The weekend ended too quickly for us all. Last night I pulled out our old home movies from when Benjamin was a baby. He loved watching them. We watched 8 video tapes worth of stuff and just finished them all today. Now he wants to watch them all again, aiyiyi. It was amazing to see how much he's grown. What happened to our little curly-haired baby?!? Compared to the little guy on those movies, we have ourselves a little man now! He's still a cutie though. :-)