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    Summer is in the air

    Wednesday, June 03, 2009

    I am having a hard time with this week's blog entry. I don't feel motivated to write it at all! Maybe that's because the weather is so nice and when I'm not outside, I'd rather be daydreaming about being outside! This weekend we hosted some family at our house for a nice evening hanging out on our deck, took Benjamin to see the movie Up with Mike's parents and celebrated our godson's first birthday. Mike and I even got to visit our favorite sushi restaurant for an amazing meal of specially prepared delectable nigiri at the sushi bar. I can still taste the wasabi! Delish!

    I am in the beginning stages of preparing for Benjamin's fourth birthday party. I cannot believe that June is here and his birthday is only 3 weeks away. He's having his first friends-party, so this is new for us. He is very excited. I showed him the invitations that I designed and he was very impressed.

    Mike's triathlon is the day after the party, so he is in the midst of his training. He purchased a new road bike on Friday and has been taking it out so he can figure out the gears and everything. So far he still loves it, so that's good. I have to say, it is pretty slick looking! Benjamin is SO pumped to "see Daddy swim and then bike and then run."

    I am off to Chicago this weekend for my cousin Kelly's bridal shower. She's the gal who was the little rugrat that would follow me around begging to play Barbies and now she's getting married. Unreal.