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    Luck O'the Irish

    Wednesday, March 18, 2009

    Familie Schmitt was split across two states last weekend. Mike and Benjamin were in Rochester hanging out with Grandpa Ed while Grandma Chris and I were off to Milwaukee for Erin's Bridal Shower and Bachelorette Party. Mom and Dad came down Friday after work to stay at our house before our road trip on Saturday. The weather here lately has been nothing short of miraculous, which certainly helped our drive in the morning. The shower was in Kenosha, WI at the Birchwood Grill, a very nice place. We were there early enough to get everything ready and change our clothes before most guests got there. The food was good and I think people enjoyed themselves. I was lucky enough to be seated next to Miss Kelsey, Erin and Dennis's daughter who is now about 18 months old. With living so far away, I don't get to see her as much as I'd like to, so this was a treat! She is so cute, a perfect combination of both of her parents. I tried so hard to get her to talk and did eventually get her to utter some possibly unintelligible, but apparently very important sentences.

    After the shower we all drove into downtown Milwaukee to our hotel, the Hilton City Center. It was here that I provided the goods to deck Erin out from head to toe in fun novelty items. From there we went to The Safe House for dinner where Erin began her Bachelorette Party. After dinner we ditched the older ladies (wink, wink) and got our party on! I had booked a private class at a store called the Tool Shed where the owner taught us the finer points of using the items she sells in her store. I'll let you readers figure that one out (my Grandma reads this blog!). We also visited some bars though it was not a raucous night, it was still a whole lot of fun and I know Erin had a blast!

    Back at the ranch, Mike, Dad and Benjamin were busy doing "guys weekend" stuff. They went to the Farmer's Market, Fleet Farm, Menards and even did a couple of home improvement projects. Last week we ordered a new range hood for the kitchen and new burner plates for the stove, but unfortunately the hood ordered was the wrong color and the burner plates didn't come in packs of 2 like we had expected. So that all has to be returned - just our luck. But Dad and Mike found a hood in the correct color at Menards and they were installing it as Mom and I walked in the door on Sunday. It looks fabulous!

    Though it is one of our favorite holidays, the Familie Schmitt had quite a horrible St. Patrick's Day yesterday. Mike and Benjamin are both very sick with a cold, which started off our rough day and my Saturn was hit by a driver in the parking lot of Hyvee in the evening, capping off the bad day. No one was hurt, well, except for my Saturn. I am waiting to hear back from his insurance company about either getting it fixed or totalling the car. There is a nasty hole in the driver's side door now. The car is up there in years and though it has treated me well over the years, I was kind of waiting for an excuse to move on to something newer. We'll see. We did enjoy some green mashed potatoes and cabbage for dinner though, so not all was lost from our St. Paddy's Day!