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    Thursday, February 19, 2009

    This was our kitchen while we lived in England 6 years ago. SIX years ago. Wow. That house was such a dump, but it holds very precious memories for us and I will always love it for that. We were once told by a repairman that the "range" in this picture was so old that its twin is in a museum. He wasn't kidding. Before we moved out of that house, I cleaned behind and under the stove, which had not been done in probably as long as that appliance existed. It was disgusting. The washing machine in this kitchen - yes, washing machines are commonly in the kitchen in England - worked for maybe half of the time that we lived in the house. The woman who owned this house was completely disinterested in spending money on getting anything fixed, so we often had to wait weeks and fight with the rental agency for things to be repaired. Behind the kitchen is a small sunroom with a beautiful wood floor. As it is known to do in England, it rained a lot the first few days we were in the house and that wood floor was destroyed by leaking water. Sadly, the room was unusable for the duration of our stay. Living there was quite an adventure.

    Anyway, I was looking through our England-related photos on our old Webshots sites today and was very frustrated to find that you cannot download photos from Webshots into anything other than their software. Well, that is just got good enough for me! So, I decided to start a new project. I am going to move all of our old photos onto Flickr with all of our newer photos. That way everything is contained in the same place. Heck, we pay for Flickr and have unlimited storage, so why not use it?!? So although it may take me days and days, I am going to be slowly adding these photos to Flickr. That means that when you see a bunch of photos of the Eiffel Tower on our main flickr page, it isn't that we've suddenly whisked ourselves off to Paris - we are just adding the photos from 2002-2003.

    Maybe I'll even post some here with some stories about our travels. I promise it will be better than that one time that your Uncle made you watch the slideshow of his family's Smokey Mountain vacation.

    One Response to “Nostalgia”

    Jenna said...

    I always wondered about the laundry in the kitchen when I watch House Hunters International...yuck..dirty clothes in a clean kitchen.
    I'm impressed that you are undertaking such a huge picture project. I'm still trying to get pictures printed from the last 3 years. I think I'm half done and losing motivation rapidly. :)