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    Our mission

    Tuesday, September 02, 2008

    While hiking at Lake Carlos State Park this weekend, Mike posed a question: "Would you like to do a mission with me?" I thought he was asking me to move to some remote tribal lands to be missionaries - HA! - but thankfully he was thinking along the lines of something much more reasonable. Together we decided to fulfill his mission: Visit all of the state parks in Minnesota. We didn't really set a timeline for this, since who knows how long such a task will take with growing kids, upcoming school years, winter weather, etc., etc. However, there are two stipulations: 1) At least 2 members of Familie Schmitt must be present and 2) we must at least picnic, hike or camp at all of the parks (so no drive-bys count).

    And so it begins, Familie Schmitt to visit all 74 Minnesota State Parks...

    (crossed off parks have already been visited within the stipulations)