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    Weekend at Andy's

    Tuesday, July 29, 2008

    This past weekend we spent a fun-filled 2 nights at Andy and Jennifer's house. We originally were going up there because Mike and I were registered to run in the Lumberjack Road Races in Stillwater and we asked Andy to babysit Benjamin while we ran. However, we decided to make a weekend out of our visit and stayed until late Sunday night.

    On Friday night Andy made us an amazing meal of Swordfish Seviche and Portabella Mushroom burgers, some seriously gourmet food!!! Jennifer was at a wedding in Nebraska and was due back Saturday afternoon.

    Mike and I got up early Saturday morning and headed out to Stillwater for our races. Mike ran the 10 mile and I ran in the 5k race. It was beautiful scenery and it wasn't too hot and humid. Mike had a great finishing time and we both enjoyed ourselves! After heading back to Andy's, we all went out to Pastor Hamilton's BBQ where Benjamin made friends with the Pastor himself. He even gave the little guy his very own jar of BBQ sauce - lucky duck!! Benjamin told us that after lunch he wanted to go to a "really fun park," so we decided to take him to Como Town, the Como Park amusement park. It is a small amusement park with lots of rides that are suitable for Benjamin's age/size. Andy loaded Benjamin up with ride tickets and we all took turns escorting him on such rides as the Como Town Train, Fire Brigade, Tea Cups and Aladdin's Magic Carpet Ride. Benjamin had SUCH a good time and we successfully wore him out enough that he fell asleep during the car ride home.

    When we got back to the house, Jennifer was home, so we decided to all head out to Boca Chica, a Mexican restaurant not far from their house. Benjamin was entertained by a mariache band during our meal. After a very full day of running, eating and playing, we all headed to bed relatively early.

    On Sunday we all went to the Glockenspiel Restaurant in St. Paul for what we thought was going to be an outdoor German festival, but what turned out to be a few outside tables with a roving accordian player. We ate some German food, drank some German beers and just relaxed. Benjamin met a little girl there who took him under her wing to teach him the Bunny Hop dance, it was cute. After the "festival," Joe, Jen and the kids all stopped by Andy's house for a quick visit before we headed back to Rochester.

    Even after having a very full weekend, Benjamin and I drove down to Winona on Monday to visit my friend, Samantha, and her 2 adorable daughters. Benjamin and Nora, who is almost 2, played together while Sam and I caught up and we both got to hold baby Nina. It was a lot of fun!

    This week we are going to meet Grandma Chris and Grandpa Ed at a Twins v. White Sox game at the Metrodome - their first Minnesota sporting event. Also, Friday is IBM day at the county fair, so Mike is given the day off to go to the fair with his family, hopefully it isn't too hot!