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    I can *drive* 13.1 miles!

    Tuesday, May 20, 2008

    Familie Schmitt

    It was a running weekend for Familie Schmitt. Friday night, Mike, Jessica and Benjamin all ran in the Stay Out of the Sun Run in Rochester. Jessica and Benjamin walked the 5k and Mike put his efforts into placing second in his age group amongst the 10k runners. It was a nice night for a run!

    The following morning we packed up the family truckster and set our bearings on Green Bay. We met up with The Andrew's family, Andy and Jennifer and Dan and Katie. They (a.k.a Team Schmitt) have been training since February to run their very first half Marathon. That afternoon we had lunch and headed out to Lambeau Field for packet pickup and the marathon expo. First time runners not only received participant t-shirts...they also received special first timer runner t-shirts (quite nice perk from the run organizers). Saturday night's race dinner was held at Fratello's Restaurant. Everyone was able to get exactly what they wanted and fill their tanks for the race.

    Early Sunday morning Team Schmitt arose early to catch the shuttle to the starting line. The rest of us put our collective minds together on determining the best places see Team Schmitt on the course. The size of marathon and the fact that it is run within the city limits of Green Bay gave us nearly perfect conditions to meet the runners four times including one time inside Lambeau Field. Everyone was able to touch the tundra and cross the finish line happy with their times. Every member of Team Schmitt achieved a personal best! They achieved a feat that less than .17 percent of the U.S. population has ever done! Everyone is very proud!
    All 4 1/2 Marathon runners!!

    They spent the rest of the day gingerly walking about and soaking their tired muscles in the water park at the hotel.

    Monday we all slept in - went to breakfast and decided to spend a bit of time partaking in a wonderful Wisconsin tradition - a brewery tour! The staff at The Point brewery in Steven's Point Wisconsin set up a special tour for Familie Schmitt.

    Point Brewery

    We spent a lot of time walking around the facility looking at all the bottling equipment and learning all there was to know about the 151 year old brewery. All that running/walking also made us thirsty so we spent a bit of time in the "Friendship Room" sampling their wares ;-)

    All in all we had a fabulous weekend and look to the gun at the next starting line!