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    Cold and snowy spring

    Tuesday, April 15, 2008

    This weekend we all participated in the Dr. Steven Fetzer Memorial 20k race here in Rochester. Mike ran the race as part of his training for Boston (in ONE week!) and Benjamin and I volunteered at a water stop. Unfortunately, even though it is mid-April, the weather is still behaving as though it is winter. The high for Saturday was 38 and there was a strong wind out of the north with a snow/sleet mixture all day. Basically, it was miserable. We knew this going into the day, but we were all bound and determined to overcome the weather! Benjamin and I bundled up and headed out to the waterstop at about 8:45am. By 8:50am Benjamin had submerged his only fleece mittens into a puddle and was crying because his hands were cold. We stuck it out for a while though and were able to see Mike run by twice. It was fun to see all of the familiar faces we know running by as well. After Mike went by at mile 6, we headed back to the (warm) school where the runners would all meet after finishing. Mike ran the race slower to conserve himself for his upcoming marathon and came in 50th place overall.

    Grandma and Grandpa Schmitt came down to Rochester for a while on Saturday and it was nice to see them. On Sunday we stayed home all morning and afternoon and only left the house to go to dinner with the Olsons at the new Sushi Itto (LOVE it!) in town. Then we headed over to Lowe's where we found our new vanity for the upstairs bathroom. We have many home improvement projects coming up and remodeling the bathroom is one of them. We are also residing the entire house and plan to update more of the front yard landscaping. Ahhh, spring cleaning fever has hit our house!!

    Mike leaves for Boston on Sunday. We will miss him, but are looking forward to watching the race live on TV. For those of you who want to catch it, it will be broadcast live on Versus at 8:30am CT and replayed at 2:30pm CT. We wish Mike and all of the other runners from Rochester luck on the big race!!!

    Flickr now allows you to post videos, so this is our first addition: