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    Big race just days ahead

    Wednesday, September 26, 2007

    I'm not known as a runner. It is my husband who is the expert marathoner. However, I have once again been bitten by the running bug that is always flying around our house. Heck, I have even found that I am enjoying it (and not just the races, the training too!). So get used to seeing pictures of both of Benjamin's parents crossing finish lines.

    I just ran the Women Run the Cities 5K this past Sunday, which is the second race in my series this fall. I actually had no intention of running a race last weekend, but I had Sunday morning open and this race sounded like it would be fun so I registered. It was an all-women's 10 mile and 5k race which benefitted the Anne Bancroft Foundation, a worthy cause. They also gave out some pretty neat technical shirts to all finishers. I improved my time by over 1.5 minutes from my last race, so that was a positive thing for me.

    All of this is basically leading up to the big race which is this Friday. I am running the Beacons for Babies Night Lights 8K here in Rochester. This race benefits the March of Dimes, which is a cause close to my heart. My very dear friends Samantha and Tina are participating with me in memory of Samantha's son, Leo, who died after he was born prematurely. Check back here for some pictures of the race and of our fancy homemade shirts! Oh, and wish me luck!!!

    2 Responses to “Big race just days ahead”

    Mike said...

    Run mommy RUN!

    Samantha said...

    You go girl! And congrats on the PR last friday! :)