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    Spring Fever

    Wednesday, March 28, 2007

    We've been so busy enjoying the beautiful weather lately that we haven't had time to blog or upload pictures! There are a couple new pictures on flickr from the last couple of days and we hope to have a great video of Benjamin uploaded soon!

    Benjamin is just amazing. He learns so much in a day; he is always surprising us! He has always loved to look at books, but now he is very into listening to the stories. Every single night, without fail, he asks to "rock??" He really prefers it if Daddy rocks with him, but he settles for Mommy occasionally, too. He loves to have us hold him in the rocking chair in his room and read him books from his collection. We play some soft music and put a low lamp on and before you know it, he's ready for bed. Mike participated in a series of classes at IBM about early childhood literacy and development and as a follow up to what he has learned in the class, they've asked to come to the house to film "rocking time." Benjamin is joining his Mom and Dad in the multi-media-celebrity world!! Heehee.

    Grandma and Grandpa Andrews are coming up for a visit this weekend, hopefully the warmer temperatures continue! The next weekend is A.J.'s 2nd birthday and Easter, so it will be a full weekend of fun!!