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    Christmas, Part Two

    Wednesday, January 03, 2007

    The three of us trekked up to the Twin Cities on the 29th in anticipation of our second Christmas celebration. We had dinner with the Kopeskys on Friday night and did our Christmas thing on Saturday. Bert and Cindy created an Amazing Race game for all of us kids to play throughout Cottage Grove, which was tons of fun! I really didn't want to have to rub it in any further....but I have to mention the fact that Mike and I did come in first place! :-)

    We opened gifts for what seemed like hours and hours after the race, but had a great time doing it! All of us received wonderful gifts! Benjamin really enjoyed spending time with his cousin again. He gets so excited and crazy when he sees AJ! They both love to run around laughing and screaming excitedly, it is hillarious.

    All of the Schmitt kids and grandkids made their way through sleet, snow and rain to Rochester on Sunday for a New Years Eve celebration. Mike and I threw together an awesome meal of Indian food and we all relaxed and rang in the new year together. Happy 2007!!

    By the way, I forgot to mention our visit with our very good friends, Kristen, Jamie and Gavin in my last blog entry. They finally were able to meet Benjamin and I finally got to hold little Gavin, who is just a cutie! It was wonderful to see them again! It had been two years since we last saw them, so we are hoping that it won't be another two years before we see them again!