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    Thursday, January 05, 2006

    Happy New Year everyone!

    2006 is here and I can't believe it. 2005 was an interesting year. I know it was very good for some of you and some of you are really looking forward to leaving it behind. In any event, I hope 2006 brings wonderful things to all!

    Grandma and Grandpa Andrews have come and gone and they left behind a huge pile of gifts for Benjamin!! His toy collection quadrupled in one day, haha. He is having so much fun playing with everything (and I must admit, so are we!). It was hard for all three of us to go back to the daily grind, but so far we have made it through the majority of the first week back unscathed. We are very much looking forward to the weekend though! Benjamin has his sixth month shots on Friday, which were delayed because he had a fever last week. I'm sure he is really looking forward to them! Haha. We finally figured out that we need to schedule his appointments late in the day so that he has less time to be cranky after shots. We are learning as we go, I guess.

    Last month Benjamin had his picture taken by a photographer at daycare. We didn't expect much from the pictures, but they actually turned out quite good. We didn't buy any, but I scanned them at a very high quality so we could print them ourselves...sssshhh, don't tell! Here's a taste...