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    Big Event Coming Up

    Tuesday, September 13, 2005

    Benjamin has a very big weekend coming up! His Baptism is going to be on Sunday and there are a lot of people traveling a long distance just to be here for it. He is very excited...or that could just be gas, haha.

    We took our first trip as a family down to Illinois over Labor Day weekend, which was a blast. Benjamin had his picture taken and we had a BBQ to introduce him to some family and friends for the first time. I posted some pictures from the weekend and also from the Packers game (last Sunday) on our webshots photos page. Since that website is now asking us for money in order to add more pics, I am going to look into other options for all of our pictures. Stay tuned for that exciting change!

    Here is a picture of Benjamin chilling out this weekend...isn't he one cool dude??

    Ben is one cool dude