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    The Schmitt Family Reunion

    Tuesday, August 02, 2005

    This weekend we took our first long car trip up to Menasha, Wisconsin to stay with Mike's godparents, Aunt Loretta and Uncle Harold. Benjamin slept the whole way in the car and was a very good boy all weekend! On Sunday we went to the Schmitt Family Reunion, which is held every 3-4 years. This year it was outside in a picnic shelter. We all ate like pigs and just enjoyed seeing family and spending time with each other. Benjamin won the award for the youngest baby in the family (at 5 weeks) and Mike and I won the award for most newly married (at over 3 years!!). I have posted pictures from the weekend on webshots and you can also visit Joe and Jen's webshots account to see even more:

    Joe and Jen's Photos