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    Growing TOO quickly!

    Wednesday, July 13, 2005

    Benjamin is now 16 days old. It doesn't sound like it is very old, but when you consider what has happened in our lives since Monday, June 27th, it feels like a lifetime already! I think he grows more and more everyday. Mike is officially back at work this week and he misses us a lot. I try to promise that I won't let Benjamin change at all while he is away, but it is hard to keep a baby from growing and learning! We have kept ourselves busy while Dad is at work so far with lots of TV watching, many bottles, and even a visit from Grandma, Auntie Jen, and Cousin AJ! I took some pictures of AJ and Benjamin together, hopefully we will get those loaded onto webshots soon. AJ is now 14 weeks old and practically looks like a toddler next to dainty little Benjamin! I cannot WAIT until they are able to play together, I hope they are best buddies!!

    Last weekend Grandma and Grandpa Andrews and Aunt Mary and Erin visited us, we had a great time! Mike has already loaded photos onto Webshots from the weekend.

    We are making our first trek up to the Twin Cities this weekend, hopefully Benjamin behaves himself! He's such a good baby, I'm sure he will be fine! Thank you again to everyone for the phone calls, emails, and cards!!