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    Is it spring yet?

    Wednesday, March 07, 2007

    Winter is dragging on. Everyone seems to be looking forward to warmer weather, us included. We long to be able to hang out on our deck or let Benjamin ride his bike up and down the street while our neighbors stop by to talk. Summer cannot come fast enough!!

    The truth is that I actually attempted to write this entry once before, last week, but the program totally spaced out and I lost everything I wrote. Is there anything worse than composing a witty, informative blog only to have it wiped away?!? So, here is my second attempt:

    We enjoyed a nice quiet couple of days at home this past weekend. We were able to start our most recent home improvement project (redesigning our upstairs bathroom) and spent some quality time together playing and just hanging out. The previous week threw us for a loop with two huge snowstorms that left behind feet upon feet of the cold white stuff. Grandma and Grandpa Andrews drove up in the first of those storms and made it safely to our house Friday night. On Saturday, Mike and I drove up to Minneapolis during day 2 of the storm for the Twin Cities Food and Wine Experience, which we really enjoyed. We were able to taste a myriad of beers, wine and foods from local and national companies. Local chefs were on hand to give presentations on cooking and local foods. The biggest celebrity chef there was Rick Bayless, who I had the pleasure of sitting next to as he got ready to give a talk on Mexican food and beer pairings. I talked to him a bit, but unfortunately Mike was somewhere else tasting foods, so he missed out! Grandma and Grandpa were able to stay an extra day to be at our annual Oscars Party and also to accompany Benjamin and I to music class on Monday! It was a treat for us all.

    Here is a video that G&G took of Benjamin reading aloud (notice how he keeps looking up to make sure that he's being watched!).

    Of course, we are looking forward to our upcoming trip to Boston in April. Mike will be running the 111th Boston Marathon and has been training for the past few months.

    Grandma and Grandpa Schmitt will be visiting us this weekend. I have class on Friday and Saturday and Mike has a big training run scheduled for Saturday morning, so we will be quite busy. Next weekend will mean corned beef and cabbage for us!! Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone!!